Final Project

In my design I used line, shape, color. The entire picture plane is utilized and activated. To create interesting negative shapes I created three separate backgrounds, which contrasted well with all of the forms and shapes in the foreground. Convex and concave shapes are used. It is an asymmetrical design. The different colors went well with each other, and I feel like that helped to lead the eye around the plane. Repetition helped a lot as well. The primary focal point is the big red/orange square in the bottom right of the plane. To emphasize this I made it bigger than most of the other shapes, I made it stand out against its background, and i used the rule of thirds. I created an illusion of space by using contrasting colors next to each other. Expressive color is used in my piece. I used more blue colors than red, so it is a cool composition. Complimentary colors are used as well. I tried to convey a relaxing but slightly sad emotional feeling in the piece that I created. The fact that I used mostly shades and mixes of blue convey the slight sadness that I was going for. I was successful in creating a cool composition and in mixing complementary colors. I think I could have done a better job making a neat final project, because some of the glue I used is visible. I successfully used a lot of different colors, and I did it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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