I worked for EVER on this project. I tried to use shading to create shapes and texture, and I used as few actual lines as possible. I think I did a good job creating implied lines here. My focal point is pretty obvious, it is the darkest area of the board by far. It is located in the top left corner, which means that it correctly uses the rule of thirds. I established a visual flow by using asymmetry to create movement. The blocks feel like they are moving because they are tilted at an angle. I also have two curving shapes going across the entire board connecting one side to the other. I created the visual textures by observing my pictures/ real textures very closely, and by using shading to create depth and features of the textures. I include a full value range, from white to completely black. I am successful in recreating the calage that I had originally made. I think it looks a lot like my original. I think I need to work on my quality of shading. I did everything I could to keep my artwork clean and untouched.

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