Directional Dominance

My design includes a primary focal point, it is the cross hatched area at the top left of the art board. I tried to use the rule of thirds so that my focal point was not in the middle of the piece. The visual flow in my design makes the eye go from the left of the composition to the right, because I put one of my vanishing points off the board to the right. Many lines go to this vanishing point, so the eye travels with them. My directional conflict occurs in the upper right middle of the art board. Two road type figures intersect, each going towards a different vanishing point. Several other areas also conflict with each other, but this is the main one. I use implied lines to create both the circle in the middle and the horizontal road. I have value ranging from white to extremely dark. I think I was successful in creating a composition with implied lines, cross hatching, multiple vanishing points, and almost everything else in the guidelines. I really liked the way it came out, but I wish I was able to create more of a 3D looking artwork, mine feels very 2d to me. I tried to make my final product as professional as possible. I measure everything so that the composition was in the middle of the artboard, and I tried not to leave any glue stains or anything like that.

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